ISEM, "International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics", février 2002.
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Titre : ISEM, International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, février 2002.

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Vers : ISEM 2001
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ISEM 2003


Congrés : 11th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics)
Lieu : Versaille
Date : du 12 au 14 mai 2003.
Résumés : 30 septembre 2002
Notifi. : janvier 2003
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Adresse : ISEM 2003 - Symposium Secretariat - LGEP / SUPELEC - 11, rue Joliot-Curie - 91192 GIF sur YVETTE CEDEX
The International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (ISEM) is
a well known international forum on applied electromagnetics. It started in 1988 in Japan and
since then was held in Japan six times, and once in Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany and
Italy. The last ISEM was in Tokyo in May 2001.
The 11th ISEM will take place from 12 to 14 May 2003 at the "Palais des Congrès"
(Convention Palace), in Versailles, France.
MATERIAL SCIENCE, with emphasis on mathematical modelling and numerical simulation
of relevant coupled problems. It covers in particular the following topics:
1. Advanced magnetic engineering, dynamics, control
2. Analysis and simulation of electromagnetic devices
3. Micromagnetism, hysteresis
4. Applied superconductivity
5. Magnetic fusion nuclear research
6. Laser and particle beams, plasmas
7. Magnetic fluids, magnetic processing of materials
8. Induction heating
9. Electromagnetic functional materials and adaptive systems
10. Electromagnetic sensors and actuators
11. Micro Electromagnetic Systems (MEMS), nanotechnology
12. Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation
13. New kinds of inverse problems
14. Biomagnetics and medical engineering
15. Advanced computer technology
16. Other topics of interdisciplinary interest
17. Strategies for new research, theoretical advances
The program will include oral and poster sessions. It will be complemented by social
programs. Relevant information will be sent with the 2nd Announcement in June 2002.

ISEM 2001


Congrés : 10th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics)
Lieu : Tokyo

ISEM 1988


Congrés : 11th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics)
Lieu : Japan

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